Sarah – bridal fashion {+ training} session!

Motion Picture Co‘s Sarah recently got married, and we decided to do a combination bridal session and training session for some of our newer employees! Here are some of the favorites that came out of my camera; there will be images from the trainees up on Motion Picture Co‘s website soon!

It was crazy to see Sarah in a wedding dress; like my little sister getting married! So amazing! There are a couple of cameos in this post: namely Molly the dog, and the MPC paparazzi at the end!

You looked beautiful, Sarah!

Stay tuned for the wedding pictures, which were all shot on FILM!! The first time in over a decade that I’ve photographed an entire wedding exclusively on film! (okay…so I took one shot on my iPhone…)


p.s.: A small note for photographers: 10 of the 12 featured images were shot using the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 Planar ZE lens (yes, it’s manual-focus), which is replacing the lemon of a 50mm 1.2 in my camera bag!


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