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How Did We Meet?We met our Freshman year at Belmont in Calculus class. Our first date was a hay ride over a year later. We spent much of our dating relationship apart while John studied photography in France and traveled the world.  We have volumes of letters and emails written to one other during that time.How Did We Meet?
How Did We Get Into Weddings?John has a BFA in Photography; having studied Art and Photography in both France and the U.S. We started by shooting weddings for friends. In time, we fell in love with the art and emotion of photographing weddings and found that it even strengthens our own relationship. Working and photographing together is our passion. Our first wedding was on September 28th, 2001. John shot it all on film, and developed all of the B+W by hand.How Did We Get Into Weddings?
Dream Travel Destination?Cinque Terre, Italy. We drove there when while we lived in France. It is the most amazing group of villages that we have ever visited. We had no hotel reservations, but met a man named Giacomo at the train station, who rented us a little guest cottage. We followed him up the mountain and spent the next few days cooking in our al fresco kitchen with the most amazing view of Mediterranean Sea.Dream Travel Destination?
What is our Style?We think of our style as classic and elegant. We strive to give each couple a timeless feel so that they can look back at the images from their wedding day and remember the vows they took and the love that started it all.What is our Style?
Favorite Part of the Wedding Day?John: When the couple is "pronounced" as husband and wife. It makes it all so official…then they walk out together, and the emotion on their faces is a great combination of joy and excitement.

Lindsey: I absolutely love the moment where the bride walks down the aisle to her groom. I always tear-up during that moment!
Favorite Part of the
Wedding Day?
Best Advice for Brides and Grooms?This day is the start of a life-long relationship between not only you and your husband, but it joins your families together as well. Take some time during the day to spend time with your family and friends who traveled long distances to be a part of such a special beginning. Try to not sweat the small stuff; no matter what happens, this day will be uniquely yours! Above all, enjoy every moment.Best Advice for
Brides and Grooms?
Where we call Home?The mountains of Tennessee are what we call home. We live in a rural area on about 20 acres of land with a pond. To quote Drew Holcomb’s song Tennessee: "It's not just geography, it's a part of me, the air I breathe."Where we call Home?
Film or Digital?We actually use both: we're hybrid, if you will… John began shooting weddings on film and loves the authentic feel. He shoots with his Contax 645 alongside his trusty digital gear. Lindsey shoots 100% digital. We use only Canon professional cameras and shoot exclusively with Canon's L glass.Film or Digital?
Favorite Pasttime?We love hiking, and make a point to go with our kids hiking at least 3 times a week. John and I love canoeing and kayaking. When we travel, its a great way to explore a new city. We have paddled on 3 continents together.Favorite Pasttime?

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