Perry + Katie | married {the film}

Everyone is unique. We all have stories and circumstances that culminate into what makes us who we are. The amazing part is that when a unique guy, and a unique girl fall in love, then that entity that they become is even more special and amazing. Perry + Katie have a story like no other, one which has inspired me, along with all of those that they know and love. I’ll get more into their story once I post all of the wedding, but now…to simply dangle a carrot, I’ll drop  a few key words and phrases to add intrigue:


Peace Corps

South America

BACONS (yes, with the “s”)




Love at First Sight



These images that I’m sharing are just a few selected images from 49 film shots taken on the wedding day. The rectangular images were photographed on a Contax 645, while the square images were shot on a Rolleiflex. Not just any Rollei, though: this camera was the actual one used by my late mentor and friend, Lanny Mauldin, to photograph the wedding of a certain young photographer and his beautiful wife more than 10 years ago. I borrowed it from Lanny’s widow, and have really enjoyed the simplicity of using it.

Here are just a few shots to begin with; many more to come!




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  • Sarah Becker LillardLovely – so thankful you photographed our wedding in film, and love to see that you are still at it!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn LantzI know Perry is a grand person..and handsome…ok, so I assumed Katie would also be a grand person and beautiful… but when I saw these pictures..
    well the whole story is told in their wonderful smiles and eyes! Congratulations to you both!ReplyCancel


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