Jenni + Andrew | engaged

We can’t wait to be a part of Jennifer & Andrew’s wedding. Here’s their story, in their own words.

Where did you meet your fiancé?

Jenni: We met online! Andrew was my first match, and he got matched to me the day he was about to cancel his account on eHarmony.

Andrew: We met on eHarmony.


What was your first date?

Jenni: We talked online for almost two months before meeting in person. When we finally did meet, Andrew came to visit me in Nashville. We went to my favorite pizza place, and played ping pong.

Andrew: Our first date was a voice call on Skype.

Was it love at first sight?

Jenni: I would say no, because we video called over Skype for so long before even meeting in person. But when we did finally meet, the first thing I did was give him a hug – and it was definitely love at first hug!

Andrew: It wasn’t for me. Falling in love with Jenni happened quickly but not instantaneously. Every day I feel like I love her more than the day before.


Favorite part of a wedding day?

Jenni: Getting to commit to spend my life with my best friend!

Andrew: My favorite part of a wedding is watching people in love commit to one another.


What are two of your favorite qualities about each other?

Jenni: I love how calm Andrew is. He always knows how to calm me down when I’m stressed or upset. I also love his goofy side!

Andrew: I am most mesmerized by her intelligence and creativity.


We’d love to know more about your wedding plans, especially what you’re doing to make your wedding special or unique for you.

A. Jenni: We both love ping pong, so we are renting a ping pong table for our reception! I’m really excited for us to go head to head as bride and groom. 🙂 We also decided to have gelato catered by Milk & Honey instead of cake – I have loved Milk & Honey since they opened, and it’s a little more “us.” Plus you can’t go wrong gelato in July! We’re also taking ballroom dance lessons for our first dance. I’ve been ballroom dancing since high school, and love getting to dance with the love of my life.

Andrew: My part in the wedding planning is minimal as Jenni has a clear idea of what she wants. My ideal wedding involves her being happy; If she’s happy, then I am too.

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