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Monday morning came around, and we had a bank of wonderful fog rolling across our entire hillside. It was nice to take a deep breath, and to just try to absorb the stillness and beauty that seemed to emanate from the fog. One of my favorite aspects of the Spring and Fall here in East TN is the fog. I probably should have paid more attention in 8th grade science class to understand the basics of it. What I do know is that it intrigues me greatly, and that it visually draws me in.

I got out the trusty Rolleiflex, and set out with a roll of Kodak Portra 160. I hadn’t grabbed a camera meter, but have one on my iPhone, which did the trick!

We also just rented Disney’s Into the Woods, and I loved the way that they were able to replicate a similar look throughout the film. I’m sure that the film was artificially lit in the studio, with volumes of fog and haze to complete the “look,” but it was impressive nonetheless.



an iPhone panorama #nofilter



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