coffee and marriage…dabbling in latte art

“Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning, I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.”

Stephen Gaines

That’s a great quote. It reminds me of our marriage, in that we need to drink in the moments, and not take one another for granted. We are also crazy about coffee.

We are thankful to live near a fantastic local coffee roaster, and over the last decade, have thoroughly enjoyed great beans from Harmony House. The last couple of years, we’ve become more serious about espresso, and I’ve been dabbling with latte art.

I’ll be honest…lots #fails, leaves, trees, and hearts later, I still try and make something cutesy for Lindsey every day. (Yes, I’m serious…every day.) Normally, it’s just a heart, and yes that might sound cheesy…but I’ve found after 12 years of marriage that it’s the little things that matter. Small gestures can go a long ways to show affection.

So we talked about making this post, and I took out all of the “better” milk so I could try a real latte art heart (not the fake-y one that I normally do using a spoon!). And guess what? I totally and utterly failed. I’ve got a ways to go with my frothing skills…but I made something beautiful out of it anyway. I was going try and make another one to photograph, but it struck me that in some ways this is like marriage as well. There’s beauty in redemption. Loveliness in getting past our faults. We are two totally imperfect people. It’s when we come together, and our successes and mistakes that make things more beautiful than our pre-conceived ideas.





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