Caleb + Emily

What was your first date?

We never really had a proper first date. Since we were in law school there were always school functions going on. We lived in the same apartment complex though and one night before we started really dating I had gone over to lend him something and his roommate was studying, so we sat on their deck and chatted for a few hours about everything we both wanted in our futures and our family and growing up in Chattanooga. We talked about how many kids we wanted and the types of lives we wanted to have, while not talking about wanting them with each other at that point. I still remember sitting there and thinking how we wanted so many of the same things and how whoever ended up with him was going to be very lucky and wouldn’t it be crazy if I could be that girl? Who would have thought it would actually come true 6 years late

Was it love at first sight?

We were both definitely attracted to each other from the beginning, always flirting, but the timing was always off. Fate played a hand and after putting us in the same place time and time again, from one city to the next, the timing finally worked out.

Where did you get engaged?

Caleb was living in New York City at the time and flew down to Houston to surprise me for the weekend. After a day of hitting the outlet malls, he mentioned that he wanted to try an Italian restaurant near the Galleria that he had read about. I started to get a little suspicious, but went along with it. The restaurant happened to be across the street from a park that I always told Caleb I wanted to check out at some point. After dinner, he suggested we walk over to it. The park was the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. We walked up and were checking it out and he said we should take a picture and asked a family to take one for us. They kept having issues with the lighting, and I tried to tell him to not worry about it, but he insisted. Next thing I know, he was on one knee proposing. He was so nervous that when he opened the ring box, the ring fell out…. right over one of the drains. Luckily it did not fall in, and so in the picture that the people took, he is holding the ring with both hands.

Favorite thing about the South?

We no longer live in the South, but we cannot wait to get back there one day to be close to our amazing families. Our favorite thing about the south is that our family lives there. It is where we were born and raised to be the people we are today. Personally, I think what we love the most is the pure beauty of the South, especially Chattanooga. Having everything at your fingertips and it all being so naturally beautiful… rivers & lakes, mountains & hills, sunsets. All of the outdoor adventures you could dream of, mixed in with a little city life and relaxation.

Favorite part of a wedding day?

Spending quality time with our bridal parties which we rarely get to do anymore because we all live so far apart is one of our favorite parts. Being surrounded by so many people who care about us and getting to share that together. Clumpies Ice cream was also one of our favorite parts of our wedding since Caleb is not a big fan of cake, even though I thoroughly enjoyed smearing the cake all over Caleb’s face, which I had always wanted to do, and he knew I would want to do and was such a good sport about it. I think our favorite part is when i was walking down the aisle towards him. I always loving watching brides walk down the aisle and see their true beauty and happiness. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Caleb for a second as i walked down the aisle.

Below are just a few of our favorites, but you can see their slideshow here. Caleb + Emily.


Thanks to an amazing all-star cast of Chattanooga vendors!
Hunter Museum > ceremony and reception site

Soirées > event planning and coordination

Soundforce & Luma Lighting > Lighting, Draping & Reception design

Bobby & the Aristocats> reception entertainment

Sweet Angels Cakes > wedding cake

Clumpies > ice cream

Lee Towery > catering

Humphreys > floral design

Paloma Blanca > bridal gown

Watters, Monica’s Bridal> bridesmaids’ gowns

Monica’s Bridal> tux’s

Candace Hernandez > makeup

Level 10 > hair

Southern Niceties > invitation design

Yonder Ink > Calligraphy





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