what’s new in the Bamber home…goats!

Each Friday, we will be giving blog readers a glimpse into our family & life.  From favorite family recipes to snapshots of 
what’s going on in our world.  Our goal is to get to know you, and help you get to know us! These past few months, taking care of a family friends’ goats has been our favorite family activity.  Almost every evening we bundle up and walk over to check on the goats no matter how cold it is! Currently 4 of the goats are pregnant and due any day!  We absolutely can’t wait to see the baby goats.



Jack loves these goats!


This is Brutus. He protects the goats! We absolutely LOVE Brutus.

This is Brutus. He protects the goats from coyotes! We absolutely LOVE Brutus.


This is Molly. She is still unsure about Brutus. You can’t tell it from these pictures, but about 70 lbs separates them.


It is really cold!!! So we throw fashion out the window and bundle up to visit the goats. In this photo John told us to jump to get the kid’s attention which is why I look so ridiculous!



The goats love posing for the camera!


Jack loves feeding the goats.



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