snowed in…

I am sure that a lot of people — like us — are snowed-in and hopefully enjoying a little r & r with their families. These are just a few of my favorites from our day. The first one is our driveway, which is extremely steep in good weather and today was not drivable at all! The second is the view from our ridge this morning; it is truly a winter wonderland out there. After a nice warm bowl of chili, John…for some crazy reason decided to give Jack his first hair-cut. He was not a fan!  *A big thanks goes out to my awesome cousins David Ray and Robin for finding a back way and making it up to our house in their awesome vintage 4×4 LandCruiser and bringing Jack some much-needed Pedialyte and saltines! Thanks guys and thanks for the laughs too!

Happy Snow Week, everyone!


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