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Sometimes I do personal photo shoots, and then get so caught up in taking care of clients that I shove my own stuff to the back burner. So in a grand Throw-back Thursday fashion, here are some shots from a Mutemath concert at Chattanooga’s Track29 (quite) awhile back. I just bought their new album VITALS, and it was glorious to give it a first listen as I edited through their photographs.

I’ve been a fan of their music from the get-go; all of their albums are worth owning. My brother J.R. (literally) introduced me to the band, as he had gotten to know them while working for a music label when they first started out. It turns out that Mutemath’s amazingly gifted drummer Darren King was one year behind me at a tiny elementary school in Marshfield, MO. Though I didn’t know him then, it’s proof of just how amazingly small the world is.

So after grabbing a bite with Darren and J.R. before the show, I proudly wore my “photo” pass into the show so I could have better access for photographing. What I wasn’t prepared for (as it was my first Mutemath show) was how the same person I’d just hung out with transformed on stage into…a drumming beast whose beats were so fast and tight; it was as if there were 2 drummers playing. It all began when he did his signature move: gaff-taping his headphones on. Then, it was ON…the show was electrifying!

Here are a few of my favorite shots! If you ever have a chance to see them live, don’t miss it! There are also some ridiculous videos out there of DK drumming in competitions and such. They’ll be coming back to Chattanooga on February 13th, 2016!



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