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There are many things that Lindsey and I enjoy in photographing weddings. First and foremost, it’s people. We first met Mary at her sister Kathryn’s wedding in late 2012. Then, we got to see her again at her twin sister Sarah’s wedding in 2014. It has been such an honor to get to know such amazing people, as we photograph the weddings of this extraordinary family. It’s also not a responsibility that we take lightly.

Mary came to each of her sisters’ weddings with the same handsome fellow (a certain family member may have referred to him as a “tall drink of water”) and we were thrilled to learn of their engagement. I was able to meet for an engagement just before Christmas, on an unusually cold and windy day; here are my favorite photographs. I’ll finish introducing Mary + Jeff, in their own words:

Where did you meet your fiancé?

We met in graduate school while getting our Masters of Science in Accountancy at the University of Notre Dame.


What was your first date?

A. We had a series of “get-to-know you” dates at a local frozen yogurt shop, Let’s Spoon. Mary made the cut and we went on a real date at Carmella’s, an Italian restaurant in South Bend, Indiana.
Jeff let me choose the wine. I knew early on he was a keeper!


Was it love at first sight?

We certainly were distracted in class, sitting across from each other, stealing glances during our ever so enthralling accounting lectures!


Favorite Past time?

Eating and exploring! We enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring new cities or our own city, Philadelphia. Jeff is easily swayed by places with great beer selections! We had a fun trip to Burlington, Vermont which included beer tastings, hiking Mount Mansfield, and cruising along Lake Champlain. Now living in the same city, we look forward to more adventures together.


Favorite Food?

Cheese (Mary); Chocolate (Jeff). Jeff has enjoyed dating a foodie! The first meal I made for him was chicken Parmesan and chocolate molten lava cakes. He asked if I performed witchcraft. I won over his stomach and he’s been eating well ever since!


What are two of your favorite qualities about each other?

Mary: Jeff has a keen sense of humor. He’s able to make me laugh, great belly laughs, no matter how stressed I may get or stubborn I may choose to be. Also, I treasure his caring. He surprises me with flowers and brings me treats from the grocery store he knows I like (Wegman’s chocolate cake and a bottle of wine are among my favorites).

Jeff: I love Mary’s pleasant personality. She immediately struck me as a friendly, genuine person. My grandmother described her best by saying, “the first time I met Mary I felt like I had known her for years.” I knew Mary was a winner from the start, but this was further validated when I introduced her to my extended family and she won everyone’s favor just by being herself.
I also love her commitment to her family. Her sisters are her best friends and her favorite times of the year are when the whole family is together. Also coming from a close family, I admire Mary for how much family means to her.

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