I almost gave up on film | personal

Lindsey and I took the kids to the beach last month, wanting to have some quality family time to reflect  back upon during the crazy busy summer months! I took the Contax 645, and had an awesome time shooting lots of film. I’ve been shooting quite a bit of color film (namely Kodak Portra 400 in 220 size) but haven’t worked with B/W film since I was a resident student @ ENP Arles in 2006…mostly because I didn’t have anywhere reliable that will develop and scan for me!

On a whim, I emailed Jonathan Canlas — best known for his great photography, and his very informative Film is Not Dead (FIND) book. Not only has Canlas inspired a many of us in this digital generation to work with film again, but he’s also behind the new FIND Lab, which is one of the few commercial labs in the country still processing B/W film!

I had all but given up on seriously working with film…until I got my scans back, and now I’m trying figure out ways to include more film into my current work and workflow! More to come!


Contax 645, 80mm f5.6, Ilford Delta 100 film

Pentacon 6, 80mm f2.8, Fuji RTP cross-processed


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