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We have been photographing weddings in this area for over a decade, Lindsey and I have had the pleasure to meet so many great people who work alongside of us in the industry. Sometimes, it might just be a “hello” in passing on a wedding day, or seeing someone briefly at a bridal show, etc. I realized that I might know the work of a florist, or the distinctive flavor of a caterer, but I didn’t really know the people behind the scenes. So, I’ve started reaching out to some of my favorite vendors in the area, and have started photographing and interviewing them. I’d like to give potential brides a great behind-the-scenes look at the wedding professionals in the area. This is the first installment of a large series of spotlights!

It is quite fitting that we sat down with Flowers by Gil + Curt, as they did the flowers for our wedding 13 short years ago!

How would you describe your business?

Flowers by Gil + Curt is a team effort combining years of award-winning design experience with the ability to find the unexpected element in the mundane.


Could you characterize your style in three words?

nature  arranged  unexpectedly


What sets you apart from the competition?

Gil: Curt and I see things from very different perspectives. That difference — coupled with the ability to respect those differences — allows us to cover more bases than the average florist. We are also set apart by what we do not do…certain types of flowers (such as carnations) will not darken our door!

How long have you been in business?

Since 1990. Each of us had years of experience prior to opening up Flowers by Gil + Curt.

What do you love the most about Chattanooga?

What’s not to love about Chattanooga? It is beautiful, historic, progressive. Chattanooga supports the arts and industry. From the aspect of being a florist, it doesn’t hurt that beautiful things grow here that we are able to use in our design work.

What inspires you?

That depends on the project. There is no one place to find inspiration. It could come from the environment, a word, a color, a texture. It could come from the character of a person. Inspiration comes when a description matches the sensory output. That makes the sparks that start the creative fire.

What is your favorite aspect of a wedding?

My favorite aspect would be listening to the client, then interpreting what I hear into a design that inspires excitement for them.

Do you have any advice for engaged couples?

Yes. Stay away from Pinterest. A lot of those images depict flowers that are not only out of season, but also only designed to last the length of a photo shoot. Trust your florist, and enjoy a day that is unique to you as you start your new life together!


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