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We love it when a couple wants to see each other before the ceremony. It is a sensitive and sometimes very touchy subject for many people, but that “First Sight” moment is just as moving and unforgettable as it is during the ceremony; with the exception that you don’t have the pressure of guests starring at you as you see your bride/groom for the first time. We have found that it not only relaxes brides and grooms, but it gives the couple time to spend with each other and have some fun together before all of the craziness begins.  When we talk about this subject, brides always ask, “Did you and John see each other before?” The answer is, “No,” but if we had it to do over again, we 100% would!  We didn’t see each other until I was walking down the isle, but then we didn’t have a moment to ourselves until we were in the car on the way to our honeymoon.  In our humble opinion, you have thought about, planned for, spent sleepless night thinking about, and hours worrying about this day, why shouldn’t you actually spend it with your groom as opposed to awkwardly avoiding him or her ALL DAY.

Every couple that I asked were always glad they did so.  Here are some testimonies from real clients.

Neal and Lauren:I was a very traditional bride, and wanted everything to be by the book (Emily Post’s that is). So, initially I never would have dreamed that Neal and I would see one another before the ceremony. Then when I started to plan the logistics of our big day, I could not fit it all in. I agonized over the decision, and finally decided at the end of the day all you have are the amazing photographs from Bamber Photography. I did not want to “fit in” the picture session after the ceremony, because I wanted to be at every second of our reception. When I walked down the aisle to meet Neal, it was amazing because the church was empty and I truly just saw him. It did not take away from the next trip down the aisle when the church was filled with people. I cried just as hard the second time because there is so much to take in and all the guests are staring at you. It was the best decision for us, because after the ceremony my entire wedding party left together and went straight to the reception. I would not change a thing!


Matt and Mandy: I knew when I started planning our wedding that I definitely wanted us to see each other before the ceremony.  Matt, my husband, was totally against it beforehand.  And now, after the wedding, he wouldn’t change that decision in a million years.  That was definitely the most romantic part of the day.  We got married at First Cumberland Presbyterian and they have an extremely long isle made out of rock.  They had Matt turn around in the front of the church with his back towards the isle.  Nobody was in there except the photographers.  (They ask you before who you want in there.) The double doors opened and I started walking down the isle; no noise except the clicking of my heels on the rock floor.  The closer I got to Matt the more nervous he got.  He knew when I was right behind him because the clicking stopped. He turned around and had tears in his eyes.  We got to stand there and talk and it was perfect.  Those pictures of him wiping his tears as I stand there and smile are some of our favorites; not posed, not even looking at the camera.  Trust me, you want to see each other beforehand.  You get more intimate pictures together because the two of you have more time, you’re more relaxed, and you’re not trying to rush to get to the reception.


Laura and Sebastian: Sebastian and I decided that we wanted to take all of our pictures before the ceremony so that we could get over to the reception without leaving our guest waiting.  In addition, I am a high stress person and like things to be perfect and I had a fear that something would go wrong on my wedding day.  Sebastian is the one person that can calm me down and it seemed like a great option that way as well.  On our wedding day, Sebastian and I decided that we would meet in the chapel with him at the front and I would walk down the aisle.  It was perfect!  We were able to see each other and spend a good 15 minutes together just talking about the day and how we had been planning so hard for this.  It totally put me at ease.  We then went and took all the pictures and had time to go back to the church and get a little bit to eat.  I still can’t believe how perfect our wedding day went and how calm I was the whole day.  Walking down the aisle was still a very special experience because it was with my dad.  I will have to say that once the ceremony started, I don’t know that I got to relax and talk about the day with Sebastian until we left the reception.  Your wedding day is supposed to be about you and your significant other and all to often once it starts it is gone before you know it.  Seeing each other before helped Sebastian and I realize that we were the reason for this day and gave us a chance to sit back and enjoy it!



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