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Today, I’m excited to publish another vendor spotlight! My dear friend Darin from Elea Blake is such a vibrant personality, and is extremely passionate about color. I mean…I’ve been to years and years of art schools on two continents, met painters and graphic designers and photographers. Without a doubt, she is more passionate about color than anyone I’ve ever met.

When I photograph someone, I’m always looking for the best lighting that will flatter them…the best perspective…the best lens to use. Darin — she’s got another take on things: she’s thinking of what tones, hues, shades, saturation are going to bring out the best in a person! We’ve worked together for countless weddings, commercial photo shoots, and wedding promo shoots. I finally got Darin in front of the camera, and we had a great time working in the magical light that envelops her downtown studio.

On a technical note, most of these shots are on Kodak film, shot on a Contax 645. Kickin’ it old school…

How would you describe yourself?

Passionate and Tenacious are the best descriptions for me. I pour all of my passion into my business as I have a strong desire to help people learn more about their beauty and how color and beauty are important relationships in every person’s life. People think that makeup companies prey on women’s insecurities and most of the time they are correct. That attack on women’s self-esteem really fueled my tenacious desire to redefine beauty and how makeup fits into the equation. We tell all our clients that makeup does nothing more but complement their beauty and knowing your right colors can bring life back to who you are as a person and how you look!

Could you characterize your style in three words?

Simple, slightly askew and a tad dramatic

What sets you apart from your competition?

Our passion for creating a unique color space for every woman is the most distinguishing difference. Yes we have mineral makeup and high quality products in a whole diverse line of colors that most companies don’t have, but that is not what truly sets us apart. Our philosophy is “We’ve got your color” because to those looking for a perfect foundation match or finding their perfect red lipstick our studio offers them their vision. It is an amazing experience to find belonging and a space of your own in something you use everyday. Color is scientifically proven to affect people’s opinions and moods and giving the gift of knowing and finding your colors is what helps us stand in our own little space.

How long have you been in business?

I started elea blake cosmetics back in 1997, it has grown a lot since then.

What do you love the most about Chattanooga?

When I first moved to Chattanooga it was in the polishing stage.  The City has grown and is still growing into a place that is artistic yet technologically alive as well. I have watched this city grow in the 20 years I have lived here and seen how amazing the people who live here are. My family and I were embraced immediately as members of this city and my children had the opportunity to attend CSAS and benefit from the amazing teachers and fellow students there. So I guess my answer is I love everything about this city but mostly the excitement to constantly grow and improve that the citizens of this city have. There is a real push to keep alive the traditional sort of community while also growing the city into an artistic and exciting place.

What inspires you?

Everything! People, places, nature. I love it all. I can be annoying because I get excited over the smallest things.

What is your favorite aspect of a or your job?

I love seeing the Bride’s excitement once she sees herself in the mirror after her makeup is done. We also have the benefit to consult from the beginning of the wedding process and it is more than exciting to see the color palette alive and generate the perfect balance of colors and textures to emphasize the beauty of the bride.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give engaged couples?

It’s your day, make it fun, and don’t get caught up in the small stuff. Also, since it’s your day you can cry if you want to and don’t worry about the makeup, it’s waterproof.

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  • Darin WrightBamber Photography, Iam speechless! Those that know me would find that hard to believe. I am so flattered by your skill and talent. Thank you for spot lighting elea blake and myself. I can tell we share the passion of loving what we do. Your photographs are not only beautiful but when I looked at them I relived the moment that you photographed them. All the fun moments infused with laughter. I sincerely say that I am so honored to be a part of this and for meeting and working with you both.ReplyCancel


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