Double Rainbow! What does it mean? | personal

This morning, I was making Lindsey an omelette, enjoying the fading colors of a spectacular dawn, and got a phone call which made me drop the spatula and head out the back door. Linds’ Mom called to tell me to look out the other direction. Just opposite the colorful dawn was a double rainbow. If there had been a leprechaun at either end, I think we could have seen him!

Like the hilarious video from a couple of years back, I was chuckling to myself and muttering “what does it mean?” I’ll tell you: it’s God’s promise to his people that he will never again flood the earth (Genesis 9). What does it mean today? Have an awesome Monday, and be a light to those around you!


side note: I did forget about the omelette. Once I finished photographing this, I returned to the kitchen expecting a burning smell…but Lindsey had picked up where I left off. So, no eggs were harmed during the filming of this project…


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