Deanna + Mark | engaged

I recently traveled down to Alpharetta, Georgia, and had an absolutely incredible time meeting Deanna + Mark. Seriously, it was incredible…we started out photographing near her home, then shifted gears into a Christmas theme, which was fittingly at a neighboring Christmas Tree farm!

Mark + Deanna were great in front of the camera — and I can’t leave out the friendly sheepdog Olive!! She seemed to enjoy the shoot as much as anyone!

I always hear the word ‘chemistry’ when it comes to relationships, and I don’t have a problem in saying that there was an advance level of chemistry with these two. They simply couldn’t stop smiling when they were near each other. I didn’t even attempt any of my ‘serious looks’….would have definitely been impossible! 🙂

With the Christmas theme, I had to get these shots up and onto the blog…congratulations, you guys! It was a blast!

Next time I’m definitely bringing a professional snow thrower!!

Now I’m off the computer ’til hopefully after the Holidays! It’s time to teach Jack how to bake cookies!



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