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I just had the honor and privilege of traveling back to Colorado for my cousin Brock’s wedding. Eastern Colorado — a place where I spent many a hot summer’s day, as well as quite a few frigid and windy day — is special and dear to my heart. Both of my parents were born in Eastern Colorado, a hard-working, windswept area; far from Aspen and Vail. That is the land I know; where the dots on the horizon are actually neighboring farmhouses and outbuildings, five or ten miles distant.

After the wedding in Colorado Springs, I headed out to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm; to visit…and, of course: have some of Grandma’s cookin’. For the record, Grandma’s still got the talent. Bobby Flay would be no match for her in a biscuits and gravy Throwdown! Aunts, uncles, and cousins that I haven’t seen since W’s 1st term were a highlight of my trip.

When I had to head back to Colorado Springs to fly home, I kept the Mark IV and 24mm on the seat, and did some drive-by shooting of various interesting things. Here is my antiquated Colorado inspiration; stay tuned for some pictures from Brock and Jamie’s fantastic wedding!


Uncle Steven’s Beehives…fascinating. I was wishing I’d brought a longer lens, so I didn’t have to get so close!

Grandma’s cats all have 6 toes…but were so skittish that I couldn’t get a better shot 🙂

Uncle Russ, Grandma Audrey, Grandpa Steve, Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue, and…me.

I love traveling on I-70. There are so many quirky little places and things to photograph…like the giant prarie dog in Kansas. Maybe next time!

There’s also the ‘Point of Interest’ in Genoa, CO…the high plains version of Tennessee’s Rock City!a grain elevator (for all of you folks East of the Mississippi!)

Antelope running from my bright red rental car

Colorado’s Front Range, á la Cormack McCarthy

this was Gate 5 at the airport. Not too shabby of a view! I was happy until the lady came and said I had to check my camera bag! aaaaahh!


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