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I recently traveled to Flagler, Colorado to pay my respects to my cousin Brock, and be with my family in mourning his loss. It was a bittersweet journey, abounding with joyful old memories, which seemed all the more empty with the recent loss. Some people journal as their expression, but I generally take pictures as a way of working through things.

Though I photographed some aspects of the funeral, I simply don’t feel right to put those images on the blog or Facebook. However, I did photograph other portions of my trip, which were meaningful as well; the warm childhood memories contrasted against a harsh, flat landscape. Next time I visit, I hope to photograph more people, as well as take some time to shoot interesting things on the farm. All photographs were taken with Kodak Portra 400 on a Contax 645, 80mm lens at f2.0


flying to Colorado | the mountains of Denver International AirportUncle Steve’s Montgomery Ward Barna tree growing from 40ft undergroundWhere I learned how to play basketball. Farm-style…Ford Versatile at sunrise. I think I’ll print this one big for little Jack’s room…
Grandma’s collectionGrandpa’s favorite transportationGrandpa’s filling stationmy brother J.R. on the Versatile Tractormy Uncle Stevethe vastness of the Great Plains

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  • Sarah Becker LillardMy FAVORITE posts on photographer’s blogs are the personal ones… you learn so much about them, their style, and how they see the world. No one communicates that better than my amazingly talented friend (and boss) John! Love these of his recent trip to Colorado. The images are so meaningful.ReplyCancel


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