Brock + Jamie | married

When my cousin Brock called to say he was getting married, there were lots of emotions to go around. First, I was excited – as I’d had the chance to meet Jamie on my previous trip out to West, and I think that she’s an incredible girl — a great fit for my cousin. My second emotion…well, I just felt old…photographing the wedding of someone whom I’d seen in diapers. I have a feeling — as a certain landmark birthday approaches — that I’ll be saying all too often.

Brock and Jamie’s wedding was incredible — an awesome event bringing two lives and their families together. St. Francis of Assisi had intriguing modern architecture, which proved great to photograph. The Pinecrest Event Center was where the party began. Since the Pinecrest is owned by a photographer (a cool guy named Jess) who photographed the reception, I was even able to put down the camera and take my grandma, aunt, and cousin out for a spin on the dance floor!

I also found a great shot of Brock and myself from when Lindsey and I got married…Now Brock is a huge Marine…taller than me…

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorites! Just hit PLAY SHOW down below!

Here's Brock at our wedding! The 'ol handshake pose....ahem....


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