Blake + Elizabeth

Early on, I had decided not to photograph Blake and Elizabeth’s wedding, mostly because I was (honored to be) a groomsman, but also because I really wanted to be able to sit back, relax, enjoy family…and I really wanted to {finally} dance with my wife and son. So my compromise was just shooting a little bit of film…getting back to my roots. I pushed the shutter button less than 80 times, but was very content with the results. Thanks, Meggie for continuing to let me borrow the 645!

It was really a treat to see two young people come together in such a beautiful celebration. Congrats, Blake and Elizabeth! We love you guys!

For their ‘real’ images, please go to Motion Picture Co‘s website. Lauren, Ted, and Daniel did a fantastic job!

Here’s a link to their slideshow!


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  • Sarah ErvinYou have heard it from me before, and I will say it again…your film is awesome! I think its so great you guys incorporate that in with the rest of the digital. These shots, especially the top ones and the b&w of Elizabeth, are just lovely!ReplyCancel

  • MeggieLove the outcome! What film are you using?ReplyCancel

  • JohnHey! I’m glad that you gals like it!

    Sarah, I used a different lab for your film, and just got it back…very excited about it! Should be up soon!

    Meggie, This was mostly Kodak 400 Portra NC (now renamed simply: Portra) I shot 220 so I didn’t have to change rolls too much!ReplyCancel


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