A Tribute to Mothers

My mom taught me so much in life. She taught me to pray before making a big decision, to always look on the bright side, to use my napkin, and to turn my feet out (I was extremely pigeon-toed growing up!). Because of her, I have the confidence to smile, to be myself, to have joy in my heart, laugh-out-loud, and be thankful for my red hair because it makes me unique! She is an amazing example of a Godly wife, mother, and friend.  I never thank her enough, but now — having children of my own — I feel the need to thank her everyday.

We want to say a big “thank you” to mothers on this very special weekend. Mothers laugh with us, cry when we hurt, hold us when we’re sick, pick us back up when we fall, and watch over us whether they are near or far. The love that Mothers feel isn’t limited to just one day of the year, so make sure that you’re letting her know your appreciation the other 364 days of the year as well!


Here are some of our favorite “MOMents” from weddings!

 They cheer us on.


They cry with us.


Their gentle words of guidance.


 Their patience.


They teach us to laugh!


Their incredible wisdom.


 They pray for us.0462_0328_djb_reich_7010

They watch over us.


They pick us up when we fall.


They show us what unconditional love is.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.33.17 AM


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